Saudi Readymix Acquires Special Equipment for Riyadh Projects

11 Spider Booms to Facilitate Large and Complicated Concrete Pours

Saudi Readymix dispatched eleven spider booms this month to Riyadh to facilitate the pouring of its concrete at some projects in the capital. Spider placing booms, normally attached to stationary pumps or mobile pumps, are special concrete placing equipment that are used in project areas that cannot be reached by regular mobile pumps.

“Many projects require special concrete pouring and placing techniques” says Fadi Mujahed, Saudi Readymix’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Whether deep underground pours, such as the Riyadh Metro Project, very wide structures, such as the Security Forces Medical Center, or high rise buildings, they all need special equipment for pours on such projects.”

In addition to its 185 mobile pumps in operation throughout the Kingdom, Saudi Readymix operates 12 spider booms, 45 placing booms and 45 stationary pumps, 6 of which are considered the largest and most powerful pumps in the world, capable of pumping concrete 700 meters high.
“We have a dedicated highly experience pumping division that is responsible for finding the best pumping solutions for any project,” added Mujahed. “At the end of the day, our aim is to ensure that the pour is an efficient and hassle free experience for all project stakeholders.”

Saudi Readymix is the leading ready-mixed concrete supplier in Saudi Arabia with a network of over 40 factories located in various strategic locations throughout the Kingdom. The Company employs around 3,000 employees and runs the largest fleet of mobile equipment in the region.

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