New Trends in the Concrete Industry in Saudi Arabia

Lecture by Saudi Readymix at JEA Seminar in Dammam

Over 80 engineers attended the technical seminar that was organized by the Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA) in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The lecture of the seminar was entitled “New Trends in the Concrete Industry in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” The event was sponsored by Saudi Readymix.

Redwan Hameed, Research & Development Director at Saudi Readymix, talked about the changes and trends that have occurred in recent years in the concrete industry, contributing to the development of construction in the Kingdom.

Hameed also talked about new types of concretes that have been developed to meet the strict and special requirements of some of the megaprojects that are being constructed in the Country.

“Durability is now an important factor and a main consideration in the design of concrete for some of these projects,” Says Redwan. “The Riyadh Metro Project, for instance, requires a 100-year service life, so the concrete was designed accordingly.” Different types of additives are used in the concrete mix to increase its durability, such as slag – also known as ground granulated blast furnace slag, silica fume and flyash.

In his lecture, Hameed also talked about self-compacting concrete, high strength concrete, high performance concrete and several other types of special concretes that are now being used in the Kingdom.

Saudi Readymix is the leading ready-mixed concrete supplier in Saudi Arabia with a network of over 40 factories located in various strategic locations throughout the Kingdom. The Company contributes in many ongoing research in concrete in collaboration with various academic institutes and organizations and has recently opened its new state-of-the-art Research and Development Center in Dammam.

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