Saudi Readymix Concrete Company Awarded “Global Slag User of the Year” at the 16th Global Slag Conference 2024

Saudi Readymix Concrete Company Awarded “Global Slag User of the Year” at the 16th Global Slag Conference 2024

On April 24, 2024, Saudi Readymix Concrete Company was honored with the prestigious title of “Global Slag User of the Year” at the 16th Global Slag Conference 2024 held in Dubai, UAE. This esteemed recognition highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in the utilization of slag as a cement replacement material.

The Global Slag Conference is an esteemed international event that brings together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the production, processing, and sustainable utilization of slag, a valuable byproduct of industrial processes such as steel and iron production. It serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within the global slag community, covering topics ranging from slag characterization to market trends and research advancements.

Being recognized as the “Global Slag User of the Year” is a testament to our dedication towards environmental sustainability and advanced construction practices. The use of slag as a cement replacement material not only contributes to reducing carbon emissions, thereby decreasing its negative impact on the environment by up to 70%, but it also enhances the durability and lifespan of concrete. This innovative approach ensures that our constructions have a longer lifespan and contribute to a more sustainable built environment.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the +200 industry delegates who voted for us, making this achievement possible. This esteemed accolade reaffirms our position among the best in the world, and we are honored to be recognized for our efforts in leveraging slag as a sustainable solution for the construction industry.

As Saudi Readymix Concrete Company, we remain committed to spearheading innovative practices and technologies that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable development. We will continue to explore new avenues for incorporating slag and other eco-friendly materials into our.

Saudi Readymix is the largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it has a network of more than 40 factories located in various strategic cities and locations throughout the Kingdom. The company operates the largest fleet of mobile equipment in the region. Also, our Research & Development Center contributes to research in the field of the concrete industry in cooperation to research in concrete in cooperation with various institutes and academic institutions.

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