Quality Processes

Quality Processes

Quality Processes

Fully documented quality control processes and procedures form an integral part of the ISO-certified Quality Management System at Saudi Readymix. We are proud of our reputation for having what are, arguably, the most stringent testing programs conducted in our industry.

Local laboratories

All Saudi Readymix fixed and on-site factories have their own testing laboratories that are properly equipped and staffed for conducting routine tests in line with the company’s internationally-approved standards’ testing program. Each local laboratory reports to its respective regional laboratory.

Area Laboratories

Area laboratories are located at the main commercial stations in each operational region of the
Kingdom. In addition to providing an extended range of testing, area laboratories conduct statistical analysis of local test results, issue monthly reports to Saudi Ready-mix’s management, and render technical assistance to the local commercial and on-site factories. All report to the central laboratory.

Central Laboratory

Based in Dammam and directed by Saudi Readymix’s Technical Manager, the central laboratory is the administrative authority for the company’s entire inspection and testing program. Responsibilities
include the calibration of testing and measuring equipment, qualification and selection of raw material sources, updating of technical libraries, and the technical training and education conducted by the company’s ACI certified technical experts. Moreover, the central laboratory specializes in the development of new products for special applications, and in the evaluation of newly-introduced materials.

Independent Testing

Saudi Readymix employs the services of independent test agencies on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the requirements of specifying authorities and to provide a comparative assessment of the company’s own testing accuracy. The independent testing agencies’ findings and test results are made available to clients and consultants upon request.

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