Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS), sometimes simply referred to as “slag”, is a glassy granular material formed when molten blast-furnace slag is rapidly chilled, as by immersion in water. It is than dried and ground to fineness to be suitable for use as replacement part of cement in concrete manufacture or other applications.

GGBS is used to make durable concrete structures in combination with ordinary Portland cement. GGBFS has been widely adopted globally for its superiority in concrete durability, extending the lifespan of buildings from fifty years to a hundred years.


  • Considerable sustainability benefits.
  • Lower early age temperature rise, reducing the risk of thermal cracking in large pours.
  • High resistance to chloride ingress, reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion.
  • Better workability, making placing and compaction easier.
  • Increase of durability (Long life span for construction)
  • High resistance to attack by sulphate and other chemicals


  • GGBFS is used in all concrete applications:
  • Structures and foundations.
  • Structures of Offshore and marine.
  • Mass concrete as dams, bridges and causeways.
  • Concrete exposed to severe environments as waste water treatment plants.
  • High rise structures.
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