Each completed project enhances and refines our knowledge to select the right mix, equipment, and placing method to ensure that the serviceable lifetime of concrete structures exceeds the expectations and stretches the imagination of our clients. Each cubic meter we pour adds to our experience, and we have poured tens of millions of cubic meters to date. Most of our factories are fully approved by such entities as Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, the Royal Commission, MoDA, and others.

As our experience grows, so does our extensive library of concrete recipes, many of which are unique to us. Whatever your concreting needs maybe, we can select or develop the right mix especially for you.

Our ready-mixed concrete product line encompasses all types of concrete blends and technologies, including: regular structural concrete, blinding concrete, high-strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, high-performance concrete, micro-silica concrete, fly-ash concrete, screed concrete, lightweight concrete, heavyweight concrete.

Operating 40 commercial and on-site factories and growing, we aim to be available for our customers wherever they find business, or wherever business finds them! Our long-term plan is to have regional bases in the five major regions of the Kingdom – Eastern, Central, Western, Northern, and Southern – with commercial operations in all their major cities.

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