Mobile Fleet

Mobile Fleet

Mobile Fleet


A perfect mix of dedication and commitment

SAUDI READYMIX is no stranger to innovation. After all, four generations in the business give you an insight on how to make an operation successful and grow. Our newest addition to our innovative service portfolio is the new fleet of trucks. These state-of-the-art mixer trucks are equipped with cutting-edge technology to improve service and safety in our local communities.

We’re also lucky to have talented, professional and hard-working workforce on our ready mix team. Our passionate drivers work tirelessly to get the job done, and they take pride in what they do. After all, WE PROVIDE RELENTLESS AND PERPETUAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Digital Fleet Technology

Our Digital Fleet Technology enables us to provide our customers and drivers with automated metrics, analytics and a comprehensive glance of all the assets as the commute. This allows us to schedule better and to tackle any challenges as they happen. The technology also helps the drivers to make some proactive decisions and make ad hoc amendments to their plans whenever required. The Digital Fleet in-cab experience delivers critical information that empowers drivers to be more effective, allowing them to take charge of the situation both at the yard and at the jobsite.

Verifi Technology

The on-board Verifi quality control framework screens the solid droop and temperature of the concrete while the truck is in commute. This moisture and added substance control framework brings down the chances of standard deviation of blend quality, delivering a more reliable product on site, reducing question marks and eventually delivering progressively predictable qualities.

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