Special Concrete for Sulphur Pit Construction

Special Concrete for Sulphur Pit Construction

Saudi Aramco Gas Plants

A special concrete for sulfur pit construction of Saudi Aramco gas plants has been requested by Isam Kabbani Group to be delivered to two locations in eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The first plant is Berri Gas Plant located in Jubail city with total quantity of 675 m3 , the second one is Shedgum Gas Plant located in Hafouf city with total concrete quantity of 650 m3.

Project Requirements:

Requirements of Mix ingredients and Proportions:

  • Ternary mix with the use of GGBFS and Silica fume
  • Non-calcareous aggregates
  •  Maximum W/CM ration = 0.36

Requirement of Fresh Concrete Properties: Self-competing concrete with the following properties:

  • Slump Flow: 650±65 mm at 2 hours
  • Static segregation index: 0 to 3.8% according to ASTM C1610
  • J-ring test: Passing Ability < 25 mm according to ASTM C1621

Requirements of Hardened Concrete Properties:

  • High strength concrete: 60Mpa at 56 days with a safety margin not less than 8 MPa
  • RCP charge less than 1000 coulombs at 56 days according to ASTM C1202.
  • Water Absorption less than 1.2% according to BS 1881-122


  • Developing of self-compacting concrete which meets with the project requirements for far-distance sites. Track mixer takes more than 75 minutes to reach the project site.
  • Self-competing concrete with a high pump-ability property which it has to facilitate pumping of the concrete without blockage, segregation or major loss in slump flow.
  • Producing of a concrete with challengeable durability requirements.
  • Use of a high quality non-calcareous aggregate: this type of aggregate is not available in eastern region of Saudi Arabia. It should be transported from western region to the locations of batching plants with a consistent highly quality to ensure the quality of the finished project and a constant supply to ensure on-time delivery.


  • Product development plan has been developed for the proper selection of mix ingredient, mix proportion and qualified suppliers. Plan has been executed through a co-operation of Technical, R&D and operation departments.
  •  A programme of extensive lab and plant trials have been excused to develop a concrete mix that meets with all projects requirements.
  •  Working closely with a highly qualified admixture supplier for developing a brand new admixture that facilities high pumpability properties, enhancing viscosity characteristics and allow a longer workability retention.
  • Working with highly qualified suppliers of non- calcareous aggregate to ensure consistent and highly quality aggregates to be delivered on time to SRMCC factories in Jubail and Hafouf cities.
  • Finial Plant trails have been conducted a one day before the actual pouring day in order to simulate the actual pouring and confirm the conformance with all challengeable requirements of fresh concrete including pumpability requirements.
  • Hardened concrete samples have been sent to a third party lab for ensure meeting with the requirements of durability.