Sunday June 10th, 2018

ACI Awards Saudi Readymix Field Technicians

 Certifies Company Technicians to Perform Field Tests on Freshly Mixed Concrete  Over 20 company field technicians of Saudi Readymix has recently been awarded with ACI (The American Concrete Institute). According to Saudi Readymix’s Technical Department, the company now has over 100 ACI certified technicians. The […]
Friday March 16th, 2018

SASO Awards Quality Mark to Saudi Readymix Mortar

 The Quality Mark is to guide consumers to products that conform to Saudi Standards   The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) had awarded Saudi Readymix’s Mortar Division its “Quality Mark” for the Company’s mortar products MOONA Dry-Mix Mortar & LIYASSA Dry-Mix Plaster.  MOONA is […]
Thursday March 1st, 2018

Saudi Readymix Completes Upgrades to ISO 9001:2015

 This follows weeks of meticulous preparation to ready all its 36 factories  Saudi Readymix has successfully upgraded its Quality Management Systems Certification to ISO 9001:2015. The latest standard incorporates risk-based thinking and the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. These methodologies enable a business or organization to carefully […]
Wednesday June 14th, 2017

Saudi Readymix Launches Management Trainee Program

Aiming to Hire and Develop Young Saudi Engineers to Become Future Leaders Among efforts to support Saudization in private sector and develop leadership skills among young and fresh Saudi Engineers, Saudi Readymix have announced the launch of its Management Trainee Program. The Program will benefit […]

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