Special Concrete for Sulphur Pit Construction

Special Concrete for Sulphur Pit Construction

Special Concrete for Sulphur Pit Construction | Saudi Aramco Gas Plants

A special concrete for sulfur pit construction of Saudi Aramco gas plants has been requested by Isam Kabbani Group to be delivered to two locations in eastern region of Saudi Arabia: the first plant is Berri Gas Plant located in Jubail city with total quantity of 675 m3 , the second one is Shedgum Gas Plant located in Hafouf city with total concrete quantity of 650 m3.


Project Requirements:

Requirements of Mix ingredients and Proportions:

  • Ternary mix with the use of GGBFS and Silica fume
  • Non-calcareous aggregates
  •  Maximum W/CM ration = 0.36


Requirement of Fresh Concrete Properties: Self-competing concrete with the following properties:

  • Slump Flow: 650±65 mm at 2 hours
  • Static segregation index: 0 to 3.8% according to ASTM C1610
  • J-ring test: Passing Ability < 25 mm according to ASTM C1621


Requirements of Hardened Concrete Properties:

  • High strength concrete: 60Mpa at 56 days with a safety margin not less than 8 MPa
  • RCP charge less than 1000 coulombs at 56 days according to ASTM C1202.
  • Water Absorption less than 1.2% according to BS 1881-122



  • Developing of self-compacting concrete which meets with the project requirements for far-distance sites. Track mixer takes more than 75 minutes to reach the project site.
  • Self-competing concrete with a high pump-ability property which it has to facilitate pumping of the concrete without blockage, segregation or major loss in slump flow.
  • Producing of a concrete with challengeable durability requirements.
  • Use of a high quality non-calcareous aggregate: this type of aggregate is not available in eastern region of Saudi Arabia. It should be transported from western region to the locations of batching plants with a consistent highly quality to ensure the quality of the finished project and a constant supply to ensure on-time delivery.



  • Product development plan has been developed for the proper selection of mix ingredient, mix proportion and qualified suppliers. Plan has been executed through a co-operation of Technical, R&D and operation departments.
  •  A programme of extensive lab and plant trials have been excused to develop a concrete mix that meets with all projects requirements.
  •  Working closely with a highly qualified admixture supplier for developing a brand new admixture that facilities high pumpability properties, enhancing viscosity characteristics and allow a longer workability retention.
  • Working with highly qualified suppliers of non- calcareous aggregate to ensure consistent and highly quality aggregates to be delivered on time to SRMCC factories in Jubail and Hafouf cities.
  • Finial Plant trails have been conducted a one day before the actual pouring day in order to simulate the actual pouring and confirm the conformance with all challengeable requirements of fresh concrete including pumpability requirements.
  • Hardened concrete samples have been sent to a third party lab for ensure meeting with the requirements of durability.

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